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The Sources of the Selection of Scientific Works


The information sources of database “Lituanistika”: catalogues and databases of Lithuanian academic libraries network (LABT), subscribed and tested databases, scientific information search engines and institutional repositories,  the data bank of national bibliography (NBDB), the aggregate catalogue LIBIS (joint catalogue of Lithuanian National Martynas Mazvydas Library, state, public and municipal libraries). The search in these sources can be conducted in each separately or through one gateway – Lithuanian virtual library (LVB).

Information sources of the database Lituanistika


The main source for the acquisition of publications in Lithuania is the compulsory copy of Lithuanian press, which is constantly reviewed by database professionals. In order to identify and evaluate the contents of publications in Lithuanian, a detailed review of Lithuanian and foreign periodicals de visu (all issues since the year 2000 are reviewed) is particularly important. Foreign databases do not contain information or do not signify Lithuanian Studies research of such historically important countries as Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Latvia and Belarus, publicized in scientific periodicals. The list of publications reviewed in detail.